What is Terebi?

Terebi is a project to reimplement LPMud in Java.



More Info

Partly due to the licensing issues with most existing drivers, partly due to wanting a Java based driver, but mostly for fun.

What's the status?

We have the basic components of a working LPMud driver.

There is a working compiler that successfully compiles a subset of Dead Souls to Java byte code. The compiler is a work in progress and can be downloaded from our Mercurial repository.

There is a minimal telnet implementation that allows incoming connections to the MUD, and can handle input and output over the network.

Many of the necessary efuns have been implemented, but there are many more still to come.

How is Terebi licensed?

The engine as a whole is licensed under the AfferoGPL. This means that if you make any changes to the driver, and include them in your MUD, then you need to release the source code to those changes.

Some of the individual components inside Terebi are licensed under the Apache License (v2)

Terebi LPC Driver


LPMud in Java

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